A LOVING ANGEL PROTOTYPE | music short film | 2018

Screenshot 2018-07-02 13.50.31 (2)

A humanoid being in a silver evening gown lets itself fall into a rooftop swimming pool and finds itself in a completely different environment. Two off-voices discuss, what sort of creature it might be. Before they come to a conclusion, a strong beat starts to play and the alien entity commences to sing a mantra in a foreign tongue.

The film is divided in two parts, consisting of the songs TIEFTRAUMFALL and ANGEL TABRIS, part of the concept album LOVING ANGEL PROTOTYPE.

music short film
12 min 40 sec
1920 x 1080 p
concept, direction, editing and production by Mataya Waldenberg
videography by Ceren Görgün, Jasmin Selen Heinz, Mataya Waldenberg
released on June 12, 2018