THE WORLD, SHE COMES | performance | 2019

ACT I connection – emotional bonds are established through an aria that is sung by the artist; audience members are immersed into the experience by physically being led by the artist song: Ambar, sé tul ACT II action – the audience is non-verbally instructed by the artist to march along to a rhythmic, drum-laden soundtrack […]

THE LOVING ANGEL EXPERIENCE | performance happening | 2018/19

THE LOVING ANGEL EXPERIENCE is a set of performance pieces, combining as a one hour experience. It is structured like a mass and based on a set of songs. It includes several audience participatory elements, like marching, repetitive dance movements and rhythmic clapping, all communicated by Mataya to the audience through non-verbal means. The goal is, […]

A LOVING ANGEL PROTOTYPE | music short film | 2018

A humanoid being in a silver evening gown lets itself fall into a rooftop swimming pool and finds itself in a completely different environment. Two off-voices discuss, what sort of creature it might be. Before they come to a conclusion, a strong beat starts to play and the alien entity commences to sing a mantra […]

LOVING ANGEL PROTOTYPE | concept album | 2018

Divided into nine tracks, the journey of the titular character is told, who also makes an appeareance in the adjacent music short film. Alienation, identity as a queer being, as well as the impact works of others leave on the recipient and how to deal with it, these are themes that shape this album. A […]

RIVER FADE | performance | 2018

Tell me do you sometimes dream I do all the time I know it isn’t odd it’s the only thing that’s an engine to me Vegetation is not for me I need a river flowing around me not just washing over me I want to stop the flow and turn around the lower streams up, […]


A crystalline world, drowned in purple, blue and pink. The artist’s journey is depicted, pursued by faceless figures, searching for a weapon. Tools suggested by these figures are rejected, untill finally Athéna d’Éon’s lance from the video work DEMO METALL is grabbed. The song is the closing track on the concept album LOVING ANGEL PROTOTYPE. […]