SOUND+BODY IN THE DARK | workshop | 2022

This workshop sees the further evolution of the concept of the radio performance MANIFESTATION OF AN ELF CYBORG ALIEN. Participants are blindfolded and lead by Mataya through a 45 minute music piece. In an evolving progression, they are enticed to use their body to express themselves, while  visualizing the world around them based on what they hear.

Stage 1: Sitting on the ground, observing inner bodily workings.

Stage 2: Mataya takes each person one after the other by their hands and lifts them up.

Stage 3: Deep breathing exercise.

Stage 4: Participants are employed to find a humming sound that comforts them. Individual modifications are encouraged, like changing the sound or the singing of melodies, all while slowly walking around the space.

Stage 5: Stamping their feet to the kickdrum and clapping their hands to the clap or snare.

Stage 6: Freeform dancing (“raving”).

Stage 7: Singing or speaking the mantra “she comes to me / the world I seek / she’s all in me / the world I seek”.


sound and body workshop
as part of “Queer Body Senses Workshops”
organised by Blue Star Project Space Berlin
on March 19, 2022