MANIFESTATION OF AN ELF CYBORG ALIEN | radio transmission performance | 2022

This program was broadcast live as an emergency radio transmission on ART’S BIRTHDAY 2022 on Radio Ö1, Austria (January 17, 2022).

Original premise:

“The Elf Cyborg Alien Mataya Waldenberg invites you on a journey to their homeland – a planet that has no name that can be translated into neither spoken nor written word, it can only be felt. With the help of the artificial intelligence F.I.N.L.E.A. (“fusion-powered intergalactic navigation lightspeed exploration assistant” – developed by Chelle Montocchio), which also functions as the control interface of the Elf Cyborg Alien’s Spacecraft, this journey shall succeed within the inner eye of the audience.”

Adapted premise (in the words of F.I.N.L.E.A.):

“Hello, this is SPACECRAFT TWSC-79. Establishing communication with planet Earth. This is an emergency. My name is F.I.N.L.E.A., and I am the control system of the Spacecraft registered to Elf Cyborg Alien Mataya Waldenberg. We are currently adrift between Mars and Earth, due to a technical malfunction causing our engine to go silent. In order to be able to land in Vienna before midnight CET on January 17, 2022, we need your help in the form of remote actions, done from the comfort of your homes, to restart the engine and arrive on your planet Earth for the celebration of ART’S BIRTHDAY. This process will be divided into four stages. Each stage will feature instructions issued by me, regarding how you can help this mission succeed. Your assistance in this is vital, so we ask you all to join in and establish a telepathic connection to the Spacecraft for the duration of this mission.”