ELF CYBORG TRANCE | a rave performance | 2022/23

Image and dress by Ítar Pas

The setting?
a club

The music?
elf cyborg trance

The “performers”?

ACT I: Immersion – interactive elements are being introduced step-by-step (participants closing eyes, being led by their hands, finding an individually comforting humming sound, stamping feet, clapping hands, dancing with a wind machine). All this prepares each participant’s senses for the next act.

ACT II: Rave – Dancing freely to fast, atmospheric Trance and Techno. Mataya takes a step back to give others more room to express themselves.

ACT III: All Coming Together – The uptempo music leads into a slower, more dreamy part, without any drums present in the backing track. At this point, the separation between performer and audience shall be dissolved completely. Mataya instigates the singing of a mantra (“she comes to me / the world I seek / she’s all in me / the world I seek”) for everyone to join in, which goes on, even a cappella, until an end is found on mutual ground.


04.08.2022 – SummerCamp 22 – Rote Fabrik, Zürich (Switzerland)

18.11.2022 – ZW-1 Festival – Zentralwäscherei, Zürich (Switzerland)

04.02.2023KVETCH x BLVSH x COVEN: Vorspiel 2023 [CTM/Transmediale] – Mensch Meier, Berlin (Germany)

07.03.2023Female:Pressure International WOMENS / FLINTA Day – Club OST, Berlin (Germany)

28.04.2023KVETCH Athens Showcase – Gong, Athens (Greece)

10.06.2023KVETCH x BRENN. : I WANT TO FEEL YOU ! – ÆVE, Berlin (Germany)

17.06.2023SCHÄXPIR Festival’s Magic Night – OK Mediendeck, Linz (Austria)


ELF CYBORG TRANCE – a rave performance
interactive club performance series in different locations

taking place since August 2022