ENTER: ELF CYBORG TRANCE | visualiser | 2023

On a faraway planet’s moon, the ELF CYBORG ALIEN appears, made out of cryovolcanic material squeezed out of its sub-surface ocean. This being’s origin having been explored in Mataya’s album THE WORLD_SHE COMES, it is now setting out to traverse the human world, attempting to alchemise tragedy into light in an increasingly dystopian society.

5 min 32 sec

Directed by Mataya Waldenberg
Designed and animated by Alejandro Spano

song written, composed, produced, mixed and performed by Mataya Waldenberg
mastering by Conor Dalton at Glowcast

premiered on June 10, 2023 (KVETCH x BRENN. : I WANT TO FEEL YOU !)
June 14, 2023 (online)