THE WORLD, SHE COMES | performance | 2019

connection – emotional bonds are established through an aria that is sung by the artist; audience members are immersed into the experience by physically being led by the artist

song: i AMBAR, Sé TUL

action – the audience is non-verbally instructed by the artist to march along to a rhythmic, drum-laden soundtrack

song: Marching Hawk of Light

creation – the performer gives their voice (a human’s most personal tool) to the audience, sparking creation by forming a choir with all audience members singing the simple mantra “she comes to me / the world I seek / she’s all in me / the world I seek” – thus all people now being fully immersed into this new, fantastical world

song: The World_She Comes

immersive performance
circa 20 minutes
cover photo and photo 1 by Jorge Goncalves
photo 2 by Phillipp Ziegler
photo (still) 3 by Amiko Gelashvili

avant-premiere (v0.1) at Kepler 452b – Chinatown Special
(Club OST/Berlin, Germany) on February 22, 2019

premiere (v1.0) at Kepler 452b – The Return of Celestial Deities
(Cafe-Gallery/Tbilisi, Georgia) on May 11, 2019

second showing (v1.1) at Kepler 452b – The Sound of Intergalactica
(Club OST/Berlin, Germany) on July 13, 2019

as part of the collective 1hr Kepler 452b performance (v1.11) at the Science Fiction Festival
(Deutsches Museum/Munich, Germany) on October 19, 2019